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ThinkSmart Customer Portal App

App Features
Setup Your Customer Portal

Before downloading your Toptenn App, ensure that you setup your customer portal online.


1. Visit the Player Portal by clicking this link *You may be asked to enter a company code, if so the Toptenn Company Code is 58BYYX9P. The company name is TTA2


2. Click on Register New Account (Don't sign on Facebook or Google)


3. Be sure to enter your primary email account with Toptenn (where you receive our communications) This is the step that links your Customer Portal to our Toptenn Database.

The video below will help you through the downloading & registration process:

Download the App

You should be prompted to download the app whilst registering your new account. If not, the links below are where you can download the app on iPhone or Android.

APPLE iPhone


- Booking Make-Up Lessons: 

The app automatically filters all the appropriate classes for your students standard, and lets you book into a catch up that suits your schedule on the spot. 

- Notify Absent Dates:

Want to get on top of your make-up lessons early? Notify your coach of your absence in advance and lock in a make-up time straight away. 

- View Student Reports:

Your students Toptenn Competency Reports will be published directly to the app, and saved to view anytime

- Manage Bookings:

Book for holiday clinics, trial classes, special events and so much more! 

- Pay Invoices and View Receipts

View and pay your latest Toptenn invoice and save your preferred payment method for future convenience. Access all your receipts in one place anytime!

How to book a make-up lesson on the App

Check out the video below for a guide on how to use the Customer Portal App to notify an absence and/or book a make-up class.

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