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Cardio Tennis

Get your heart pumping with Cardio Tennis, a 60-minute energy burning cardio workout through the dynamics of tennis. We promise more fun than any gym work-out while you develop a skill and take in the fresh air. You don’t even have to be an experienced tennis player to benefit from this super work out. This is a fun, tennis-based workout like no other! Check out the which of the three Cardio Tennis streams suits you!

Cardio Tennis Options

Cardio Tennis Classic:

Medium intensity drills, mixture of drill and fun play-based activities, intermediate playing standard. 

Cardio Tennis Lite:

Lower intensity drills, introduction to fun rally-based activities with your coach, beginner standard or a great place to start if returning to the sport. 

Cardio Tennis Play:

Rally based cardio tennis, often competitive style point play activities with lots of fun games. Intermediate+ standard. 


Duration for all sessions: 60mins


$130 for 5 Class Pass

$250 for 10 Class Pass


Casual Cost: $30 Per Class

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