What is Squad?

What Are Toptenn Squads?

Toptenn Squads are the ideal programs for players wanting to sink their teeth even further into strategy and competition tennis.

Squads teach players 'how to win' by using the technical skills they have developed during their group classes into tactical outcomes in competition situations. For instance, using backspin as an approach shot to transition to the net and put away an easy volley.

During squad players will learn how to construct a point together (ie, not going for a winner off every shot). They will learn when and how to be offensive and defensive, and how to identify and exploit weakness. 

Squads are designed to be a student's second class during the week.


When Can I Start Squad?

Squad opportunities exist for all Orange, Green & Teen stage students. Toptenn offers the following Squad classes to book alongside your regular Hot Shots or Teen group class.

Orange Squad

Orange Squad is designed for students who are excelling in their Orange Rally class and looking to put their skills into more real life matchplay situations.

Green Squad

Green Squad is perfect for the match ready green stage player who is keen to match their technical learning with tactical, match based learning.

Teen Xtreme Squad

Teen Xtreme Squad is designed for competition tennis players. A mostly tactical focus helps hone your game style to be the best it can be.

How Do I Get Into Squad?

To organise trial session in a Toptenn Squad Class please click the button below, call the office on 9830 6618 or speak to your coach. Finding the right squad is a really important part of the process! Squad program information and prices are as follows - the cost is the same for all formats. 




The perfect combination of technical and tactical development, match preparation and practice.







Orange, Green and Teen

Acceleration Squad


Orange, Green and Yellow

1 Coach : 8 Students

$305 for a total of 10 lessons