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C.H.A.M.P Trophy System

CHAMP Trophy System

Part of your registration as a Toptenn Hot Shot or Teen Xtreme player includes your very own place on the Toptenn CHAMP Chart. CHAMP stands for Committed, Hard Working, Attitude, Motivated & Participation- all the values we hope to promote in our Toptenn students The CHAMP Chart records every term of lessons you participate in at Toptenn and converts them into points  (Eg. 1 x term of coaching = 1 CHAMP Point). Every time you collect 4 points, you earn another trophy. There are 10 to collect in total (including the GRAND SLAM Series).


Check out all the trophies in the Toptenn CHAMP Program below: 

1. Toptenn Medal

5. Ultra CHAMP


2. CHAMP Award

6. Legend


3. Super CHAMP

7. Aussie OPEN

4. Mega CHAMP

8.  French OPEN

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