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Child Safety at Toptenn

  • Toptenn takes child safety very seriously and we endeavour to create the safest possible space for all children participating in our programs to flourish.

  • At Toptenn, we pride ourselves on our ability to create an inclusive space for a diverse range of students to grow their love of tennis and try to reach their potential.

  • All Toptenn Coaches have active Working With Children checks & active Police checks- these are required to be active each year of coach membership.

  • All Toptenn coaches & staff members have undertaken child safeguarding training through their Tennis Australia coach membership. The Tennis Australia Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct can be found at the link below:


  • Toptenn has an additional internal incident reporting process to ensure any issues that occur during lessons can be communicated effectively & immediately with parents. All staff are trained in how to use this process and are encouraged to report any incident that occurs during lessons no matter how big or small the incident may seem.

  • All Toptenn lesson plans that coaches use for weekly lessons contain safety considerations for each specific lesson plan.

  • All Toptenn coaches are covered by insurance for any major incidents that may occur during their tennis lessons.

  • Toptenn uses internal reporting systems for class standards, issues that arise in lessons & any ongoing absences to allow for seamless communication between coaches & parents. This helps us catch as many issues as possible before they potentially become serious problems.

  • As Tennis Australia Coach Members, we follow all Tennis Australia National Policies. For more information on these, check out the following link:

If there are any questions or concerns that arise, we have a full time administrative staff that can always help out with any questions whatsoever.

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