Stu Moon

ANZ Hot Shots Specialist

Stu Moon is the perfect representation of Toptenn's philosophy in action and still uses the skills and passion he picked up through Toptenn to enjoy the game in as many ways as possible.


In 2008, Stu started learning with Toptenn Owner and Director Peter Owen at the North Kew Tennis Club. This was the beginning of a mighty partnership, and soon enough Stu was competing in junior club competition, senior club competition, tournaments, lessons, social play and just about any other way he could play the game. If you went down to North Kew almost any day of the last decade, there was a very good chance you would bump into Stu serving up a storm on court. 


In 2015 Stu joined the Toptenn Team for a week as part of his school Work Experience. This was his first taste at coaching the sport he loved, and since then he has never looked back. Just a few weeks after completing work experience, Toptenn Tennis hired Stu to help with our famous Friday night Hot Shots program at his home club. He had it all! Stu related to the kids perfectly, loved the game, took great pride in his lessons, and desperately wanted to help his players get exactly the same amount of joy from Toptenn as he did. 



Stu joins the ever growing list of former Toptenn players inspired to become coaches themselves!


  • Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting and Finance