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Richard Bruce-Smith

Richard B-S.jpeg

Coach Leader

Skills & Qualifications
  • Tennis Australia Club Professional Coach

Who is your favourite player?

Roger Federer and going back Miloslav Mecir


What is your favourite tennis moment/memory?

Winning Grade 6 pennant with a team of 4. We went undefeated for the season. It was great fun socially and individually playing singles.

Another was winning the West Coast doubles final in NZ,a long time ago!!


What are your interests outside of tennis?

Love playing soccer if my body allows it. I also enjoy reading, watching sport and following the share market. Travel too...its a big world out there!


What is your coaching ethos/what do you want students to get out of your lessons?

Big on technique. Have fun whilst learning and be the best player you can. Then you can enjoy the game of tennis for a lifetime and make the best friendships on the journey.

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