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Pro Shop / Restringing

Based at Toptenn HQ in the Burwood Tennis Club, the Toptenn Pro Shop is your first step to maximising your game. Playing with the correct size equipment, and the best weight, string, tension and technology that benefits your experience, age and style is critical to success! Racquets too small or too large can drastically harm the technique of developing juniors, and racquets that are too heavy for you not only harm your execution, they can also have long term repercussions such as injury.

Toptenn is an official supplier of Head equipment, one of the two leading manufacturers of tennis equipment worldwide. We have partnered with Head to ensure we are supplying our clients with the best equipment possible to achieve their tennis goals regardless of their age, standard and development. 


Our super fast restringing service (24hr or emergency turnaround) supplies a range of strings from beginner to professional. Toptenn’s Professional stringers know the best string combination, type and tension to get your ideal balance of power, control, spin and feel.

  • Latest Electronic Stringing Machine

  • Extensive Range of Options

  • Loyalty Card to Save You $$$ (50% off your 5th restring, 100% off your 10th)

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