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Callum Kolasa

Hot Shots Coach

Callum Kolasa 22

Who is your favourite player?

Rafael Nadal


What is your favourite tennis moment/memory?

As a junior, my competition team would meet together once a week to practice outside of our normal scheduled practices. As these sessions developed, inter-team friendships developed as well as a better ability to work as a team on match day. It’s my favourite tennis moment.


What are your interests outside of tennis?

I’m currently working towards finishing my degree in Exercise and Sport science at Deakin University, with plans for further study. Stepping out of the sports world, I most enjoy spending time with friends and family.


What is your coaching ethos/what do you want students to get out of your lessons?

To create an environment where young athletes can work as a team and against each other in the development of their potential, whilst having fun. I hope to employ a focus of enjoyment of the game first and foremost.

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