Sean A'Hearn

Head Coach - Surrey Hills

Sean ‘The Sheep’ has become a Toptenn Tennis cult hero! As his nickname suggests, Sean’s popularity with our ANZ Hot Shots players has spread like wildfire and it wasn’t long before he was setting off to all Toptenn Tennis venues to keep up with the demand. His fan club doesn’t stop there, however, and Sean has been just as much of a hit in Teen Xtreme, private and adult coaching.


Before arriving at Toptenn Tennis Sean was coaching at the Kew Tennis Club and working as an International Equities Officer at a stockbroking firm… Sean has many talents! Eager to spend more time on the court and less time in the office Sean soon kicked off his Toptenn Career.


Second only to Sean’s love of tennis is his passion for Music. Sean is a keen music journalist, enthusiast, critic and coordinator and organises a number of events to help new Australian artists step into the very busy industry. As him about his website/blog at your next lesson, he will also give you a great new band to listen to.


  • Law Degree - Monash University

Putting the FUN back into FUNdamentals


03 9830 6618 | 0438 046 447

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