Mark Furlan

ANZ Hot Shots Specialist

Mark Furlan is the employee that every business needs, and a great coach to go with it! 

On more occasions than we could possibly remember, Mark has been the saviour that made sure lessons went ahead if unforeseen circumstances arose.


Mark is another former Toptenn Tennis student who loved the coaches and culture, and applied for a position immediately after finishing Year 12. From his very first few weeks at work we realised that he was 100% dedicated to Toptenn and 100% dedicated to his students. He would do whatever it took and whatever we needed. 


Mark is a perfectionist and plans his lessons to the smallest detail. Everyone gets the exact same amount of attention, everyone is engaged for the entire 45minutes and everyone has a strong sense of improvement once the class is over. He is forever tinkering with his groups to make sure they are in the best class for their standard and improvement. 

Just about every Toptenn student will know Mark, or meet him very soon. He goes above and beyond to fill in for extra classes when needed and has a strong reputation on and off court because of it.


Mark is the humblest of heroes!