Megan Halliday

Hot Shots Coach

Marvellous Megan might be Toptenn's first Irish Coach, but she's making a big splash for much more than her crazy cool accent. 


Megan is one of Toptenn's Blue and Red Stage specialists, and is a master at making sure her students have a ball whilst picking up all the skills and themes of the weeks lesson plan. 

Growing up in Belfast, Ireland, Megan starting coaching at just 17 years of age. 

Taking her skills and coaching expertise on a global tour, she then ventured to Canada and she now has arrived in Melbourne! 

After only being here for a short amount of time, the students are already copying her catch phrases, which include 'Thanks a mil', 'that's grand' and I'm loving it!'

A bubble of positivity, Megan is a fantastic coach and an equally fantastic human being. 

We are very happy to have her on our team!


  • Bachelor of Mathematics and Philosophy

Putting the FUN back into FUNdamentals


03 9830 6618 | 0438 046 447

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