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Jasmine Hassan is the very definition of 'Cult Hero', and one of the most incredible Toptenn stories to date! 


Jasmine is married to tennis, and spends hours each day training with a partner, or her bestie 'Rafa' the Ball Machine. In 2018 she was on the look out for a new club, and stumbled upon BTC which she then joined immediately. The very next day, Jasmine was hitting with Head Coach Tim Shackleton, and then playing Pennant for the Ladies 4 team. After her 4th consecutive week of hitting 6 days in a row, we realised that Jasmine's life was tennis.

Jasmine is instantly likeable and finding a single bad thing to say about her is actually impossible (unless you're waiting for her to get off court 1 so you can have a hit yourself). Jasmine is the most supportive member on every team, the employee that stays back the latest to help everyone else pack up, and the person that has a connection with everyone. 

Soon after Jasmine joined Burwood, Toptenn Coach Leader Chloe was about to depart for a 6 month break coaching in the USA. Chloe's involvement and popularity at Toptenn was huge and she had very big, dependable and enthusiastic shoes to fill. Toptenn interviewed several unsuccessful applicants to hold Chloe's role, but finding someone with Chloe's skills was tricky and we were running out of time. Knowing that nobody else loved tennis more than Jasmine, Toptenn approached her to discuss the possibility of an Assistant coach role which would help free up other team members to cover Chloe's absence. It took about 3 seconds into Jasmine's on court trial for us to realise that (despite not having coached before) she was a brilliant coach! An in depth mentoring program with Head Coach Tim began, and before we knew it Jasmine was taking to Chloe's hours like a duck to water. 

Jazzy's love for tennis, her lifelong knowledge of the game and her unparalleled people skills made her a perfect fit. She has quickly become one of our most popular team members, and was even requested by Director Peter Owen to teach his own daughter Abbey. 

Jasmine is loud, hilarious, and energetic. She brings 150% to every lesson, and even though she had an unusual introduction to coaching, is a brilliant teacher.


  • Bachelor of Health and Sports Science 

Putting the FUN back into FUNdamentals



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