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Henry Casey

Head Coach


Who is your favourite player?

Jannick Sinner


What is your favourite tennis moment/memory?

My favourite tennis experience is hitting a well executed backhand drop shot down the line with a nice amount of backspin and with just enough arc on the tennis ball that it clears the net tape by only two inches exactly. I can only deem this experience satisfying if the tennis ball lands no further than one metre away from the net on my opponent's side… and of course it must be a clean winner !!


What are your interests outside of tennis?

My interests outside of tennis consist of outdoor exploration, the appreciation of nature and the environment of the natural world, analogue photography (I particularly enjoy shooting music and artistic based events that uphold an environment of acceptance, self expression and freedom), the cinema (I get a chocolate choc top every time and then dip it into my popcorn - best combo EVERRR), and lastly music production and djing !!


What is your coaching ethos/what do you want students to get out of your lessons?

The main message that I would like people to take away from my lessons is to NOT take tennis too seriously. Remember, there is so much more to life than just tennis !The most important aspect of learning this sport is to have fun and enjoy the journey of learning new things about how to play tennis whilst more importantly learning new things about your self.

In my lessons you can expect a very talkative coach (ie. ME !) that will ask lots of trivia questions (be ready) and always be willing to have a chat or laugh about literally anything! Oh and of course I will teach you how to play tennis whilst doing all of these things!

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