Eliza O'Farrell

Hot Shots Coach

There's not much that Toptenn Coach Eliza doesn't know about tennis. Eliza's knowledge of the rules, scoring, players, tournaments, traditions and etiquette is second to none! This incredible passion has been born out of playing and competing for the better part of 15 years. Eliza is a member of multiple tennis clubs, playing for all of them in different formats, and comes from a HUGE tennis family of 6 equally passionate and talented players. 

Eliza has been a core member of Pennant teams at Royal South Yarra and Burwood Tennis Club, winning flags for both clubs on multiple occasions. 

When Eliza puts her coaching hat on, she is just as much of a powerhouse as she is on the court.


Officially known as the 'Queen of Spin', Eliza's backhand is a wrecking ball with more variation than a Swisse Army Knife.




- Bachelor of Environmental Engineering