Ash Dark

Hot Shots Coach

Ash 'the overhead smash' is a sporting all rounder - specialising in tennis! 

Since joining us in 2018, Ash has been involved in just about every format Toptenn has to offer. He is the jack of all trades who can juggle technical and tactical development exceptionally well. This, along with Toptenn's structured lesson plans, helps his students understand why they are learning specific grips, spins and themes, and how to use them in match situations. 

Ash is extremely likeable, making him a hit with all age groups, and because of this his schedule is filled with classes Blue Stage (3-5 years), all the way up to teenagers and adults.

To this day, Ash still learns himself, determined to improve his own tennis and stay even more in the know of latest developments regarding concepts and coaching. Ash is also an avid participant in Toptenn and Tennis Australia Workshops to further improve upon his impressive lessons, outcomes and activities. 

Ash is hard working and very professional! These are strong values that echo through his coaching philosophy as well, making him an excellent role model. His lessons are always about more than just tennis, and he strives to help his players develop physically, socially and emotionally.